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Tailoring mind and body solutions concierge style (in-person) or digitally, utilizing self-care diagnostics, tools and proven techniques through 1:1 and group sessions, to understand and relieve pain where possible.

Streaming website memberships for self-care courses, exercises, trainings and live recordings are available to show how pain actually works.


How do you know if pain exists in your body?

Pain exists on many levels and is mainly caused by:

  • Anatomy of our bodies
  • Nutritional imbalances
  • Emotional Tension
  • Prolonged Stress (e.g. Mind-Body connection)
  • Muscle Strength and Flexibility Imbalances
  • Physiological Issues from Joint Range-of-Motion issues
  • Kinesthetic Patterns Learned Due to Past Injury
  • Habitual Behaviors

In order to achieve a healthy balance in the mind and body, we must begin to discover ourselves and dive deep to chart a course to recovery. Only then, can we begin to understand what our needs are

At the touch of a fingertip, we are equipped to use these tools individually at our own pace, while also having a community to keep us accountable!



Anterior Pelvic Tilt Pt 3

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Pt 3

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Pt 3 Try this to recreate space in your low back by engaging your adductors

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Pain Relief Made Simple

Trainings and Exercises to help you relieve pain at your own pace and show you that self-care is just a click away! Sign-up today for access!


Guest Experience

Brenden is an amazing massage therapist!

His hands are healing, strong and at the same time nurturing and soft. He is very skilled and has some fantastic techniques. I always feel renewed after his sessions. 

I am a massage therapist myself with over 20 years experience and used to teach massage, needless to say I am extremely picky, but Brenden is my go to guy! 

He is also kind and funny and extremely personable.

Corinna Joy Kavanagh

Body Celebration - Holistic Skincare & Wellness - San Rafael, CA

I went in with neck pain and needed an approach to align with my chiropractor. I walked out a whole new person with a greater range in motion. Cannot wait to get back with Brenden!

Michelle Connolly

That was the best massage I have had. I feel great. This will be my go-to massage. Can’t wait to try a different massage modality with him next time.

Highly recommend if you are looking for a guarantee of a good massage, even remote foam-rolling with him is amazing!

Valerie Utter-Wold

Amazing and sweet guy! I feel so limber now it’s ridiculous lol

Mercedes Fletcher

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