2022-03-17 to 03-19 – Karmic Astro Forecast

by | Mar 17, 2022 | Tibetan Astrology | Daily Posts

This is Brenden, your Karmic Astro Weatherman with your upcoming end-of-week forecast! Say hi to my kitty!
Thurs 3/17 🔥🔥💨 After plenty of rain nourishment Wednesday brings breezy fire weather – make sure to have your fire blankets handy as Thurs fire-wind combination creates a powerful combo enabling success, power, action, bringing strength and resulting in good omens. This combo is good for spiritual practice, religious services, making requests to deities, dharma activities and hanging prayer flags.
The day is favorable for purging, surgery, destroying an enemy, waste disposal, paying debts relating to undesirable activities and any events one would want to feel the relief of being rid of. Not the best day for “good actions”. Relating to destruction, it can be favorable for actions done to get rid of something negative and evil. Although you may sense the personality influence of the day for having a clear head for rational thought and deduction, it may be clear to you what you can banish from your life; e.g. overanalyzing any situation that leaves you certain of your own opinions with no room for other’s, or developing a closed mind and not liking to be challenged – those kinds of habits
How has gossiping, persuasion and attempting to win others to “our side” led to possessiveness, strong attachments to desires and materialism? Does this give us the power we really want? You’ll be able to see how this gives birth to excessiveness on a day like today.
AM: Good for agriculture and anything having to do with the cultivation of the land, planting and sowing seeds, undertaking projects, building, etc.
PM: Excellent for all business and exchange, relating to other people and building permanent relationships.
Be careful not to travel today and no journey is favorable, as these conditions may be hard to control, however, the direction East is favorable. Starting new projects and construction in generally is not favored, and the day is somewhat aggressive, even bold and daring. Not good for haircutting today and those born on this day have a hot temper and will receive honor from society.
Also be careful to observe what you are using your sense of smell for, sticking your nose, avoiding unnecessary nasal surgery and/or possible injuries to your nose, including your sinuses
Fri 3/18 ⛰⛰🔥 – AM: *Bad Moon Phase alert* watch your thoughts, speech and actions in the AM as it is not good for any activity other than being aggressive and attacking enemies and obstacles, nothing positive should be undertaken. Favorable for Action (Purification)
Not Favorable for: Journeys, for Marriage, for Agriculture, for Hair Cutting
Full Moon Travel is said to be forbidden on this part of the lunar day, if possible
Venus seasons the day with hues of music, the arts, creativity and beauty, sense pleasures such as perfumes/colognes, clothing and ornaments – we may find ourselves reflecting and intuiting times of harvesting and abundance.
Ironically, the day’s burning energies of Earth-Fire combination renders inauspicious since it burns, which generates suffering and can cause risk of burns, disputes and people going to war, destroying enemies, doing violent actions, having disputes and bringing suffering to opponents
* How has this “burning” sensation or passionate seeking of earthly pleasures created bliss for a few, but suffering for others?
* Can you see how “comfort” has created conditions for an economic recession, at the worst full-on societal collapse and/or general suffering on a global scale?
* Who is responsible for creating these conditions: the people who’ve positioned themselves to profit from it all or the people who have allowed it to happen?
Today is a good day for reflecting why we buy into this kind of suffering, distraction, lack of discipline, and create conditions that lead to taking refuge in oppression – observing this on a day like today, with the right amount of support and taking responsibility for our own contribution (relationship) may lead to beginning to see from a different perspective.
The day is said not to be favorable for medical procedures or starting important activities, be aware & observe what you are using your entire body for today, avoiding unnecessary surgery and/or possible injuries if possible. Those born on this lunar day have a fondness for food and the partners of others.
PM: Excellent for all activities that increase one’s strength and vitality – health. Good for invoking the ancestors and religious practice and ceremonies. Good for wealth and wisdom, and rightful actions. New projects and construction should not be undertaken.
Sat 3/19 💨⛰💨 After yesterday’s intense energies brings plenty of Wind today! Might be a good idea to stay indoors today, as travel is said to be unfavorable.
It is a day of increase – bestowing happiness, favorable for events towards gaining happiness and pleasure such as parties, arts, social encounters, releasing movies, entertainment. The things that bring a cheery attitude influences the day and is favorable for most activities, including performing rituals and religious festivals, in general, and taking initiations.
The deficiency energies may have to do with the cause or need to have a touching faith in friends/partners – may leave you feeling easily deceived by them due to a lack of substance or being led astray by negative influences today:
Are we able to discern between “fun for the weekend” vs building for generations? Today might help show what living only for the weekend produces and why it causes deficiency in our lives.
Ironically the elemental combination today is considered an unfavorable combination as it can result in deficiency and decline in both wealth and property. This energy results in incompatibility, which exhausts food supplies, resources, materials and wealth. It’s also known to increase theft in the world around us creating sorrow. One might also find it extremely difficult to accomplish one’s aims and goals. It’s said deficiency energies are not to be favorable for medical procedures or starting important activities, so be careful on this day if you have something scheduled. Might be better to postpone to a more beneficial day.
AM: Auspicious for undertaking good acts and performing religious practices and ceremonies.
PM: Favorable for relationships, whether friends or lovers – anything done with love. Also good for choosing a spouse.
Not Favorable for Hair Cutting One born on this lunar day has to be careful of the company they keep. Overall, very serious, lacking simple enjoyment, and there may be some disgrace or scandal.
Take care and observe what you’re using your nose for today and avoiding unnecessary surgery and/or possible injuries to the nose, if possible.
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