Karmic Astro Forecast for Thurs 2022-03-24 to Sat 03-26

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This is Brenden, your Karmic Astro Weatherman with your upcoming end-of-week forecast for Thurs 2022-03-24 to Sat 03-26
2022-03-24 to 03-26
Thurs Mar 24 🔥⛰💨 Fire Hazard Warning for the Day as the hot, sunny and breezy weather is here for the day. This can be experienced as compassion at its best and ceaseless yearning at its worst; creating a deficiency/lacking mentality today. Although the animal of the day is a friendly, energetic ambitious and self-confident socialite, the “I’m a good person” face mask may be covering up a suspicion of others and you may find the tendency to put trust only in yourself. While it’s understood that you can really truly help someone when you help yourself first and foremost, you may notice yourself or others being quick to criticize today. Perhaps the tools you’ve used to this point have brought you so far, but you may want to go farther – one may ask on a day like today, “What tools can I learn to use that will get me where I want to go so that I can serve others better?”
There is a need for focusing the day’s energies towards starting things since it is favorable for events to obtain favor, success, wealth and prosperity, such as beginning a job, starting a business, meeting an important person – even with the deficiency lunar energies today, it is considered an unfavorable combination as it can result in decline in both wealth and property. This energy results in incompatibility, which exhausts food supplies, resources, materials and wealth. It’s also known to increase theft in the world around us creating sorrow. One might also find it extremely difficult to accomplish one’s aims and goals on a day like today and it’s said not to be favorable for medical procedures or starting important activities.
AM: Not good for any activity other than being aggressive and attacking enemies and obstacles. This is the “bad” Moon Phase and nothing positive should be undertaken.
PM: Excellent for all activities that increase one’s strength and vitality – health.
A very auspicious day for building and purchasing things, and undertaking new projects. Traveling on this day is also very favorable. The favorable direction is South.
Favorable for Journeys Persons born on this lunar day are good at obtaining wealth and especially fortunate with children. Also good for business and exchange of all kinds. Friendly nature. They like to take charge.
It is also best avoiding or postponing unnecessary surgery and/or possible injuries to your upper kidneys today, if possible.
Fri Mar 25 ⛰⛰⛰ It’s going to be an Accomplishment day today, nice, Sunny and clear on Friday – when earth lunar energies meet, it brings about real accomplishment. This combination enables all goals, or whatever it is you want, to be easily attained. This is excellent for buying land, doing business, building a family, increasing one’s network of allies / friends and construction. There is a tendency today to be a bit cautious and liking to weigh each side of things before making a decision, so you may see yourself or others being a bit indecisive today, even about little things. This may cause a bit of conflict and the drive to overcoming obstacles. The day is favorable for events designed to overcome obstacles or for those aimed at some high point of success such as competitions, examinations or litigation, etc.
AM: Auspicious for undertaking good acts and performing religious practices and ceremonies.
PM: Favorable for relationships, whether friends or lovers – anything done with love. Also good for choosing a spouse.
This is not a good lunar day to undertake new projects and for construction or agriculture, in general. However, very good for obtaining wealth, increasing resources, health and healing, and honing expertise in the chosen field. It is also favorable for building as well. The favorable direction is the South- East, but travel in any direction in this lunar day may bring illness.
Those born on this lunar day will have love for marriage and family. Sensuality is strong. Also, an Interest in religion and truth.
It is also best avoiding or postponing unnecessary surgery and/or possible injuries to your hips and hip sockets today, if possible.
Sat Mar 26 💨⛰🌊 Youthful energies connect us to a youthful and healthy state of being, which results in great happiness today. It’s positive for joyful activities such as hosting parties, weddings, enthronements, inductions, promoting ourselves, dressing up, putting on ornaments (jewelry, accessories) and enjoying sports. It’s going to be cloudy and windy today but you may still enjoy the absence of any hazardous weather today.
Although the youthful energies may make you feel like a new spring chicken, it is advisable to utilize the destructive forces of the day to putting the vulnerable “ego” to rest today: the animal personality of the day does not like to change or move, feeling more secure in the home and may notice the tendency to be talkative and gossip more-than-usual today. The gift of gab can be used to meet new contacts and creating new friends but be careful to not generate enemies with uncontrollable or unrefined speech on a day like today. Remember, it’s always better to attract with a spoon full of honey than it is with vinegar!
AM: Auspicious for becoming known and more popular. Also good for things having to do with building homes and construction.
PM: Good for agriculture and anything having to do with the cultivation of the land, planting and sowing seeds, undertaking projects, building, etc.
Travel during this lunar day is not good and it is said the person may not return. Good for all business and exchange, and taking charge and being the boss.
Constructive efforts and new projects produce only moderate gains. Favorable for Building Favorable for Journeys Favorable for Marriage Not Favorable for Agriculture
Those born on this lunar are generally aggressive, and anger is never far. Enjoyment of children, the opposite sex, and education is favored. Also worship.
It is also best avoiding or postponing unnecessary surgery and/or possible injuries to your knees today, if possible.
Want to thank you for tuning in, hope this helps you prepare for the week to come! Feel free to ask any questions about your own Tibetan Astrology birth chart, a basic Khil Khor or Crystal Mirror reading! We can look into your personal, business, romantic or wealth relationships and use traditional methods to achieve miraculous results
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