Karmic Astro Forecast for Sun 2022-04-17 to Wed 04-20

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This is Brenden, your Karmic Astro Weatherman helping you slay those zombies with your upcoming beginning-of-week forecast!

2022-04-17 to 04-20

Sun Apr 17 🔥🔥💨 We start the week out with a hot and sunny Sunday with strong winds after 5PM. You’ll see an increase on many fronts today especially events favorable towards gaining happiness and pleasure, such as parties, arts, social encounters, releasing movies, entertainment, etc. You may notice an increase in energy, feeling a bit ambitious and self-confident today but watch out for quick criticism leading towards suspicion with others on a day like today. Superficiality can be seen easily with those who have a keen eye and it may not be the best foot forward. It is best to use the powerful energies of today to set you up on the right foot for the next few auspicious days coming up!

Travel is to be avoided and you’d do well to wait for Hair Cutting til a more beneficial day. This lunar is said to be favorable for most activities, including performing rituals and religious festivals, in general, and taking initiations.

AM: Auspicious for undertaking good acts and performing religious practices and ceremonies.
PM: Favorable for relationships, whether friends or lovers – anything done with love. Also good for choosing a spouse.

One born on this lunar day has to be careful of the company they keep. Overall, very serious, lacking simple enjoyment, and there may be some disgrace or scandal.

It is also best avoiding or postponing unnecessary surgery and/or possible injuries to the center of nose today, if possible.

Mon Apr 18 ⛰💨💨 We have a wonderful sunny and windy day today that is symbolized by excellence! We don’t have many excellence days so take advantage – when two winds meet, it’s a combination that brings about perfection and when all is perfect, it brings quick accomplishment to one’s wishes, goals and aspirations. This combination is excellent for moving, travel, settling disputes, court cases, reconciliation, getting things done quickly and wrathful activities. The day is favorable for events designed to obtain favor, success, wealth and prosperity, such as beginning a job, starting a business, meeting an important person, etc. Depending on your chart, you could really set your week up for success and accomplish many goals today or it can feel like a windy tornado. Tie up loose furniture outside your home or property if you don’t want to lose anything today!

Although you could feel a bit less energetic and cautious today, you could be busy weighing both side of an equation before making decisions and possess a tendency to not challenge authority, which may make for skittish action today. Creating conditions of confidence in your abilities to make things happen today, you can lay foundations and take action by building things, in general. The day is also good for marriages, initiation, rituals, and religious ceremonies. This is good for giving and making offerings, resolutions, and spiritual practice of all kinds.

It is said, however, that very little comes of any activity today, and the result is generally unproductive. However, there is success from traveling on this day. Hopefully you are able to tell where the winds are blowing today so you can use to your advantage! You’d do well to wait for Hair Cutting til a more beneficial day.

AM: Auspicious for becoming known and more popular. Also good for things having to do with building homes and construction.
PM: Good for agriculture and anything having to do with the cultivation of the land, planting and sowing seeds, undertaking projects, building, etc.

A person born on this lunar day may be lacking in friends, love, and in affection, and may like spouses other than their own. There is a lack of pure virtue and cleanliness.

It is also best avoiding or postponing unnecessary surgery and/or possible injuries from the elbows to the neck and throat today, if possible.

Tue Apr 19 🌊🔥🔥 Today brings some rain that brings powerful lunar energies into the mix and is favorable for events designed to overcome obstacles or for those aimed at some high point of success such as competitions, examinations or litigation, etc. The meeting of fire and wind is a powerful combination that enables success, power and action. It brings strength together resulting in good omens. This combination is good for spiritual practice, religious services, making requests to deities, dharma activities and hanging prayer flags.

Watch for egoic tendencies, as it could create conditions for gossiping and creating adversaries on a day like today. If you take advantage of being friendly and making new contacts, it may benefit you greatly for the weeks to come. This lunar day is good for cutting the hair and finger nails, and anything related to caring for the body, beauty, and health. Good for undertaking projects and building things.

AM: Excellent for all business and exchange, relating to other people and building permanent relationships.
PM: Not good for any activity other than being aggressive and attacking enemies and obstacles. This is the “bad” Moon Phase and nothing positive should be undertaken.

Persons born on this lunar day may lack motivation and be lazy and, in general, restless. Wealth is obtained and the direction north-east is favored.

It is also best avoiding or postponing unnecessary surgery and/or possible injuries to the palms of the hands today, if possible.

Wed Apr 20 💨⛰🌊 This may be a tricky windy and rainy day that leaves cruelty conditions favorable for undesirable activities and any events that you may want to feel the relief of being rid of something such as purging, surgery, destroying an enemy, waste disposal, paying debts. It’ll be one of those days where “good actions” are not going to get you the results you desire and the type of lunar day is related to destruction, but can be favorable for actions done to get rid of something, breaking, demolishing, cleaning, purifying, destroying something negative and evil.

The day’s weather patterns might be nudging you to bring out your intelligence and sensitive nature. How can you make deals and work out compromises? You may notice a higher level of skill in speculation and calculating outcomes today if you plan things right and have the diligence to see things through with actionable consequences.

Today may help point out how to utilize the youthful energy combination, connecting to a more healthy state of being resulting in great happiness. It’s positive for joyful activities such as hosting parties, weddings, enthronements, inductions, promoting ourselves, dressing up, putting on ornaments (jewelry, accessories) and enjoying sports. Today is favorable for Building and for Marriage.

AM: Excellent for all activities that increase one’s strength and vitality – health.
PM: Auspicious for undertaking good acts and performing religious practices and ceremonies.

The favorable direction is the West, but travel is to be avoided, and, if taken, may bring the fear of death. This is not good for undertaking construction or new projects.

Persons born on this day are very competitive and fierce about taking on a challenge and removing whatever obstructs them. They enjoy food, drink, and sex. Often rich, educated, and generous, but with a cruel streak. Those born on this lunar day are somewhat restless, and the mind may wander.

It is also best avoiding or postponing unnecessary surgery and/or possible injuries to forearms today, if possible.

Want to thank you for tuning in, hope this helps you prepare for the week! Feel free to ask any questions about your own Tibetan Astrology birth chart, a basic Khil Khor or Crystal Mirror reading! We can look into your personal, business, romantic or wealth relationships and use traditional methods to achieve miraculous results 😁

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