Karmic Astro Forecast for Mon 2022-05-02

by | May 2, 2022 | Tibetan Astrology | Daily Posts

Mon May 2 ⛰🔥🌊 This is Brenden, your Karmic Astro Forecast Weatherman for today!

We have an auspicious day that is favorable for ending bad habitual patterns revolving around events designed to obtain favor, success, wealth and prosperity, such as beginning a job, starting a business, meeting an important person, etc.

We have a sunny day but in the evening will bring rain, so have an umbrella handy if you’re out past 5pm!

You may notice yourself or others being drawn to being more studious and open-minded today than usual but be aware of brushing aside “irrelevant” on a day like today – ask yourself, is this trying to show me something I may not be valuing or seeing clearly? Is this part of a larger cycle of patterns? Being mired in details may be good for certain tasks but keeping in mind the bigger picture may be helpful as well.

This is a good lunar day for laying foundations and building things, in general. Also good for marriages, initiation, rituals, and religious ceremonies. This is good for giving and making offerings, resolutions, and spiritual practice of all kinds. There can be success from traveling on this day.

AM: Auspicious for undertaking good acts and performing religious practices and ceremonies.
PM: Favorable for relationships, whether friends or lovers – anything done with love. Also good for choosing a spouse.

It is said that very little comes about from any activity and the result is generally unproductive. Those born on this lunar day may be lacking in friends, love, and in affection, and may like spouses other than their own. There is a lack of pure virtue and cleanliness.

It is also best avoiding or postponing unnecessary surgery and/or possible injuries from the top of the feet today, if possible.

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