Karmic Astro Weather Forecast for Tues 2022-05-03

by | May 3, 2022 | Tibetan Astrology | Daily Posts

metal dog
Tue May 3 🌊🔥🔥 We have a powerful rainy day today that should produce advancement with fire energy combination which produces multiplication and increase in wealth, property, food, clothing and resources. This combination is excellent for doing business, buying, selling, wealth practices, charitable giving, generosity and planting seeds.
The temple dog symbolizes the animal personality of the day, which you may notice others or yourself exhibiting on a day like today. He is clear minded, picky about adherence to even the most minor rules and hates all injustices. What has the last few years shown you about following rules without question?
The temple dog will show you why it’s important to have a firm set of moral principles, especially in regards to humanitarianism. He may ask questions like, “Why am I giving my authority away to those who don’t deserve it,” and you might do well to tune in on a day like today which is all about showing you how to overcome obstacles.
AM: Auspicious for becoming known and more popular. Also good for things having to do with building homes and construction.
PM: Good for agriculture and anything having to do with the cultivation of the land, planting and sowing seeds, undertaking projects, building, etc.
This lunar day is good for cutting hair and finger nails, and anything related to caring for the body, beauty, and health. Good for undertaking projects and building things. Favorable for Building. Those born on this lunar day may lack motivation and be lazy and, in general, restless. Wealth is obtained and the direction north-east is favored.
It is also best avoiding or postponing unnecessary surgery and/or possible injuries to the back of the legs today, if possible.
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