Karmic Astro Weather Forecast for Sun 2022-06-12 to Wed 06-15

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This is Brenden, your Karmic Astro Weatherman helping you prepare for zombie-apocalypse with your upcoming beginning-of-week forecast!

Sun Jun 12 🔥🔥💨 This is a day that enables success, power and action providing a victory to overcoming obstacles, especially those aimed at some high point of success, wealth and prosperity, such as beginning a job, starting a business, meeting an important person, etc.

The animal personality of the day is loves to watch patterns and form solutions to problems. He is a great speaker, marketer and is beneficial to have on your side if you are willing to look past negativity. Really it isn’t negative because what he sees is abstract and sometimes it’s too practical but loses on the follow-through. The animal of the month (Horse) and the day’s animal are cemented by a passion for life, this pair are always in for new adventures but the Horse shouldn’t intrude on the Tiger based on its belief of good intentions alone.

AM: Favorable for relationships, whether friends or lovers – anything done with love. Also good for choosing a spouse.
PM: Auspicious for becoming known and more popular. Also good for things having to do with building homes and construction.

– Travel on this lunar day is said to be favorable for making friends and creating alliances
– A good day for undertaking new projects and beginning construction, as well as education
– A birth on this lunar day produces kindness, charity, and hospitality
– Good for making friends, pleasures, and enjoyment of all kinds.

It is also best avoiding or postponing unnecessary surgery and/or possible injuries to the neck & throat today, if possible.

Mon Jun 13 ⛰🌊🔥 This is a fierce lunar day, which is a good day for ending bad habits that can also weaken vitality and is known to shorten lifespans. It can bring about death, which takes away one’s life force when one is not aware. It’s important to maintain strength today and not become weak and it’s said not to be favorable for medical procedures or starting important activities.

It is a destroying type of day as well, favorable for undesirable activities and any events that the performer would want to feel the relief of being rid of something such as purging, surgery, destroying an enemy, waste disposal, paying debts. This is the most negative day for “good actions” and can be related to destruction, but can be favorable for actions done to get rid of something, breaking, demolishing, cleaning, purifying, destroying something negative and evil.

The animal of the day with the month animal personality which is a loving alliance where the comforting, supportive rabbit enjoys and admires the horse’s energy and passionate romanticism and the horse offers reassurance in return. This particular day’s animal fears authority and does a good job covering up mistakes to maintain her place she believes she occupies and can lose sight of being adequately decisive enough to do so. The competitiveness excites her while the Moon highlights the emotional, unseen forces at play in the world at-large.

AM: Good for agriculture and anything having to do with the cultivation of the land, planting and sowing seeds, undertaking projects, building, etc.
PM: Excellent for all business and exchange, relating to other people and building permanent relationships.

– No travel is to be undertaken on this day
– The direction East is favorable
– Starting new projects and construction in general is not favored, and the day is somewhat aggressive, even bold and daring
– Not Favorable for Journeys
– Not Favorable for Hair Cutting
– Those born on this day will receive honor from society. Wealth is favored and religious activities. Hot tempers.

It is also best avoiding or postponing unnecessary surgery and/or possible injuries to the center of the nose today, if possible.

Tue Jun 14 🌊⛰🔥 Gentleness is the flavor today while the full moon hits 7:52AM EST (11:52 AM Sunday, Greenwich Mean Time – GMT) – it’s a bad moon phase that affects us all today, producing harvesting (fullness/completion) on a day like today. The elemental combination produces a burning effect, which generates suffering. There is a risk of burning of one’s own skin/body but also disputes. People will go to war, destroy enemies, do violent actions, have disputes and bring all sorts of suffering to opponents. It’s said not to be favorable for medical procedures or starting important activities.

The most competitive of the Dragons reigns today who expects a lot from those around them while also has a risk of developing megalomania taking over. You’ll have to take Mar’s influence into account today and be aware of what’s going on in the dreamscape around you since it could explode into war and aggression quickly if you’re not aware. The animals of the day and month don’t have time for everyday routine or for addressing other’s needs, so you won’t see so much compassion today most likely.

AM: Not good for any activity other than being aggressive and attacking enemies and obstacles. This is the “bad” Moon Phase and nothing positive should be undertaken
PM: Excellent for all activities that increase one’s strength and vitality – health

– Travel is forbidden on this lunar day
– Good for invoking the ancestors and religious practice and ceremonies
– Good for wealth and wisdom, and rightful actions
– New projects and construction should not be undertaken
– Favorable for Action (Purification)
– Not Favorable for Journeys
– Not Favorable for Marriage
– Not Favorable for Agriculture
– Not Favorable for Hair Cutting.
– Those born on this lunar day have a fondness for food and the partners of others.

It is also best avoiding or postponing unnecessary surgery and/or possible injuries to the entire body today, if possible.

Wed Jun 15 💨🔥🌊 Youthful energies connect us to a youthful and healthy state of being, which results in great happiness on a day like today. It’s positive for joyful activities such as hosting parties, weddings, enthronements, inductions, promoting ourselves, dressing up, putting on ornaments (jewelry, accessories) and enjoying sports.

Earthly treasures is the personality of the day which can show you ways to increase your stores of energy. This particular animal of the day is pretty sensitive and easily hurt and you may notice Mercury showing how friendship and having tact can produce an increase in happiness today.

AM: Auspicious for undertaking good acts and performing religious practices and ceremonies.
PM: Favorable for relationships, whether friends or lovers – anything done with love. Also good for choosing a spouse.

– This lunar is said to be favorable for most activities, including performing rituals and religious festivals, in general, and taking initiations.
– Travel is to be avoided
– Not Favorable for Hair Cutting
– One born on this lunar day has to be careful of the company they keep
– Overall, very serious, lacking simple enjoyment, and there may be some disgrace or scandal

It is also best avoiding or postponing unnecessary surgery and/or possible injuries to center of the nose today, if possible.

Want to thank you for tuning in, hope this helps you prepare for the week! Feel free to ask any questions about your own Tibetan Astrology birth chart, a basic Khil Khor or Crystal Mirror reading! We can look into your personal, business, romantic or wealth relationships and use traditional methods to achieve miraculous results 😁

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