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Our Story

Brenden, being a veteran IT Security professional in his former life, was sure to gain the whole world doing what society, family and mentors influenced him to do. He had the mortgage, the high-paying job, great benefits, the college degree, attended church, volunteered his time, with all the things an “outstanding citizen” does.

26 years of success, something was still missing! After almost losing his soul, he literally wished upon the universe to find someone who could show him, “The Way”. Shortly after this wish, he was introduced to His Holiness, Padma Gonpo Rinpoche and he started to follow the Bön path. 

Since passing the MBLEx (Massage Therapy Exam) and receiving Illinois and California state licenses for practice, he started utilizing the professional expertise and knowledge gained from learning with Padma Gonpo to deliver solutions to the general public. With this experience as well as his own personal findings from experience with physical therapy, chiropractic and medical massage therapy, he started applying this wealth of knowledge to help people find where pain in the body comes from and how to approach wellness.

Brenden developed a free program to help people utilize self-myofascial release (foam-roller) techniques for self-care which still exists today. The main benefits of Kum Nye (body massage) and foam-rolling, per his findings, are to maximize effectiveness in simply embodying a sense of well-being. The culmination of this experience has led him to learning Cosmology tools to help assist people in healing their spirit in order to heal the body. With this approach, wellness is just around the corner for people and Blue Tiger Wellness can walk with you every step of the way!




Our Mission

Mission Statement

To provide a safe place for people to explore and realize their spiritual, health and wellness goals and to be assisted with the fierceness of a tiger. With this wishing shop approach provided by Blue Tiger Wellness, we can provide anyone with the divine assistance to achieving their wildest dreams

Our Vision

Bön Practitioners (npos) have been around for centuries and have made their living keeping people on track. We can be more than just your wellness advisor, we are empowered to actually grant wishes! Whether it’s for relationships, business, wealth, health, spiritual goals you have, you are in good hands with Blue Tiger Wellness 

Our Values

 Action | Boldness | Curiosity | Divine Assistance | Education | Fulfillment | Grace | Honor | Integrity | Justice | Knowledge | Leisure | Massage | Neuromuscular Health | Omnipresence | Patience | Quintessential | Reliability | Safety | Trust | Ubiquitous | Valiant | Wisdom | Xenial | Youthful | Zeal


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