FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


I. How does Blue Tiger Wellness work?

Where does Blue Tiger Wellness operate?

What type of services does Blue Tiger Wellness offer?

How do I create an account?

How do I schedule an appointment?

How do I book a BTW@Work event?

How do I book a group event?

Is this a professional service?

Do you offer chair massages?

What are your hours of operation?

Do you sell gift cards?

How does your referral program work?

Do you have a customer loyalty program?

Do you offer refunds?

II. Pre-Appointment

How do I know when an order I’ve placed is submitted so I can expect to schedule an appointment?

What parking information do I need to provide?

When will my self-care specialist arrive?

How do I contact my self-care specialist?

What are the guidelines for pregnant customers?

III. Setup and Self and Group Self-Care Sessions

What to expect once specialist arrives for concierge sessions?

What to expect from specialist for a remote (virtual) session?

What do I do with my clothes?

What do I need to supply?

Can I play music?

How do I increase/decrease pressure?

Does the specialist bring his own supplies?

What if I have a pre-existing condition?

How do I tip?

How do I rate my self-care or group self-care session?

How do I extend a session?

How do I cancel my self-care or group self-care session?

How do I reschedule my appointment?

How can I see information related to Brenden as a self-care professional? (ratings, experience, picture)

How much space does a self-care or group self-care session need?

Can I use my bed instead of a massage table?

IV. Blue Tiger Wellness Ultimate Membership

What is the Blue Tiger Wellness Ultimate Membership?

What are the benefits of enrolling into BTW Ultimate?

How do I enroll into Blue Tiger Wellness Ultimate?

How do I cancel Blue Tiger Wellness Ultimate?

How am I billed via Blue Tiger Wellness Ultimate?

How do I change my membership duration level after I subscribe?

Can I skip a month of Blue Tiger Wellness Ultimate?

V. Common Issues

Specialist left item at house

Specialist can’t find parking

How can I set up preferences for my session?

Is insurance accepted?

VI. Trust & Safety

Are all self-care specialists background checked and vetted?

Is it safe to have someone come to my home?

How does Blue Tiger Wellness keep me safe?

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