Karmic Astro Forecast for Thur 2022-04-21 to Sat 04-23

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I’m Brenden, bringing you your upcoming ending-week Karmic Astro forecast! It’s going to be sunny starting out before the weekend, then mixed with rain on Friday and windy on Saturday.

2022-04-21 to 04-23

Thur Apr 21 🔥⛰💨 The day is ironic considering the lunar energy combination symbolizes deficiency which can result in decline in both wealth and property. However, the day is also considered a harvesting day. Depending on your perspective of what is happening on the world-scale, how do we sow the seeds for harvesting a lack of abundance or deficiency? The day may highlight an expansive ability to see the big picture and how the actions of those around you may be setting the conditions for an absence of abundance. Also, watch how yourself and others use speech, being direct with words or comments, especially towards their family and neighbors. These can become things and create a life of their own on a day like today that may be hard to take back if you aren’t prepared.

The day is also considered a prosperity lunar day, creating a full measure of abundance, such as education, harvesting crops, minting money. Good for activities done to complete something, abundance and harvesting (bringing in fullness).

AM: Favorable for relationships, whether friends or lovers – anything done with love. Also good for choosing a spouse.
PM: Auspicious for becoming known and more popular. Also good for things having to do with building homes and construction.

A lunar day of excellent qualities, and good for education and obtaining wealth. A successful day for vocation and victory, in general, and travel in any direction is favorable. Also favorable for the study of sacred texts, science, and philosophy. Favorable for Building.

A person born on this lunar day is very good for helping and giving to others, but not likely to receive the same in return. Kindhearted.

It is also best avoiding or postponing unnecessary surgery and/or possible injuries to the elbows to shoulders today, if possible.

Fri Apr 22 ⛰⛰🌊 We have the happy and life/soul of the party ringing in the day with youthful energies designed to connect us to a youthful and healthy state of being, which results in great happiness. It’s positive for joyful activities such as hosting parties, weddings, enthronements, inductions, promoting ourselves, dressing up, putting on ornaments (jewelry, accessories) and enjoying sports. It is considered a splendid day and efforts undertaken on this day, new projects, etc. will bring moderate success. You may notice people not wanting to do something they don’t like doing today or people appearing slow at mundane tasks that they may not want to do – so bring some extra patience today for all involved.

AM: Good for agriculture and anything having to do with the cultivation of the land, planting and sowing seeds, undertaking projects, building, etc.
PM: Excellent for all business and exchange, relating to other people and building permanent relationships.

This is not a day for travel, and doing so may bring losses. Not Favorable for Journeys.

Persons born on this day will be prone to some bombast, perhaps arguments, and egotism, in general, and a yearning to be in the spotlight.

It is also best avoiding or postponing unnecessary surgery and/or possible injuries to the ribs & rib area today, if possible.

Sat Apr 23 💨⛰🌊 Thankfully we have another youthful combination today that promises sensibility, friendliness and down-to-earth kind of happiness today, preferring tranquility to conflict on a day like today. Watch your thoughts, speech and actions til 5PM as it is considered a bad moon phase.

AM: Not good for any activity other than being aggressive and attacking enemies and obstacles. This is the “bad” Moon Phase and nothing positive should be undertaken.

PM: Excellent for all activities that increase one’s strength and vitality – health.

Very auspicious day for building and purchasing things, and undertaking new projects. Traveling on this day is also very favorable. The favorable direction is South. Favorable for Journeys. Persons born on this lunar day are good at obtaining wealth and especially fortunate with children. Also good for business and exchange of all kinds. Friendly nature. They like to take charge.

It is also best avoiding or postponing unnecessary surgery and/or possible injuries to the upper kidneys today, if possible.

Want to thank you for tuning in, hope this helps you prepare for the weekend! Feel free to ask any questions about your own Tibetan Astrology birth chart, a basic Khil Khor or Crystal Mirror reading! We can look into your personal, business, romantic or wealth relationships and use traditional methods to achieve miraculous results 😁

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