Stinger Cold Roller Massage Ball

Stinger Cold Roller Massage Ball


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This innovative mobility tool from Recoup Fitness combines the benefits of cryotherapy and traditional massage / lacrosse balls for a great new form of recovery. Simply place the Recoup Cryosphere in the freezer for an hour, and you’re good for up to six hours of uniquely chilled, free-rolling massage work.

The easy-grip, blue base handle makes the Cryosphere ball very simple to control, and its compact size (slightly larger than a baseball) allows you to target muscle soreness and knots anywhere from the knees/ACL to the shoulders/rotator cuff and back. The ball can also be used outside its handle for areas like the arch of the foot / plantar fasciitis treatment.

Self myofascial release with the Recoup Cryosphere allows the targeted muscle to relax, while the cold treatment helps reduce inflammation; an excellent combination for post-workout recovery.

Please Note: Users will need to unscrew the lower handle portion of the Roller Ball before placing the ball itself into the freezer.


  • Combination Cold Therapy + Massage Ball recovery tool
  • Formerly Known as the Stinger Cold Roller Massage Ball
  • 1 Hour in freezer = 6 hours of cold therapy use
  • 3.4 oz cooling gel for safe travels
  • Base handle portion allows user to better control movement of ball for targeted massage therapy
  • Use it virtually anywhere on the body
  • Fits in any gym bag
  • Color: Black and Blue

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Brand Recoup Fitness
Made In USA No
Color Black
Diameter 3.25″ (Ball)
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