Hyperice HyperSphere Mini – Black

Hyperice HyperSphere Mini – Black


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The HyperSphere Mini is a compact, 3-inch diameter version of Hyperice’s original HyperSphere, vibrating massage ball. Ideally sized for concentrated, trigger point release, the HyperSphere Mini goes beyond ordinary lacrosse balls or massage balls, offering three digitally-controlled, high-intensity vibration settings, along with a textured silicone grip and dense shell for optimal shearing.

During either warm-up or recovery mode, you can choose your desired intensity setting, then use the HyperSphere Mini to quickly work out knots, tightness, or nagging pain in the hips, hamstrings, glutes, and feet, as well as the back and shoulders. This type of intense, focused massage therapy can do wonders for an athlete’s range of motion, circulation, and flexibility. It can also shorten recovery times and reduce the risk of common injuries over the long haul.


  • Massage / Mobility Tool for Warmup and/or Recovery
  • 3 High-Intensity Core Vibration Settings: 45, 68, or 92 HZ
  • 3” Diameter – Ideal for trigger point myofascial release
  • Light, compact and TSA travel friendly
  • Dual exterior: Silicone grip + dense shell for optimal shearing
  • Rechargeable lithium ion batteries give over 2 hours of use per charge
  • HyperSphere AC charger included
  • Color: Black
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