Triune Awareness Practice

by | Oct 7, 2021 | Exercises, Self-Care Course, Trainings

I’ve learned there is a difference between succeeding in thought and succeeding in action.
With all the different types of offerings in my practice, I’ve noticed a pattern:
– People get an extraordinary massage
– People try foam rolling
– They love it because their pain minimizes or changes
– Then after a while, the pain shows up again and they need another massage
Why do you think that is?
The answer lies in daily habitual patterns – lifestyle, diet and what is going on in their thoughts and actions they’re taking (or the absence thereof)
With the Triune Awareness practice, I’ve personally learned why I go through this cycle – it’s something I’ve been looking to answer for years! Where does this inevitable cycle of pain come from when it’s not in my body and I’m doing everything I can to avoid it?
With laser focus, I can move forward with actionable steps alongside a community of others doing Triune Awareness. When I signed up, we meet weekly to keep on track and it has been super helpful for me and my business!
Feel free to ask for this TA practice, sign-up for a membership with Padma Gonpo Rinpoche or direct message him! He is also available at OH! And also check out the Karmic Woof podcast at for some awesome content as well!
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