What is Winged Scapula and Corrective Exercises

by | Jan 15, 2022 | Exercises, Self-Care Course, Trainings

Alert: please counsel your primary care physician (PCP) prior to starting this or some other wellness program. If you don’t feel well during these activities, you should stop right away.

The scapula, usually known as the shoulder bone, is a bone that 17 distinct muscles are joined to. This bone is indispensable for one’s capacity to move their arms and an assortment of ways.

Pretty much every chest area development includes the portability and steadiness of the scapula. Here are the six distinct kinds of development that your scaps take into consideration:

* Scapular Retraction and Protraction: Protraction and withdrawal of the scapula include your traps, pecs, rhomboids, and serratus foremost. You withdraw your scapula when performing developments like hand weight lines and single-arm columns. Security is essentially the contrary movement. Your chest and serratus foremost muscles push your scapula separated when doing push-ups or seat presses.
* Scapular Elevation and Depression: This movement, which appears as though a shrug, is the point at which your rhomboid and traps raise and lower the shoulder.
* Scapular Upward and Downward Rotation: Your scaps participate in vertical and descending pivot when bringing your arms out and up, like how a horizontal raise looks.

Watch the following videos to understand more about winged scapula:

The following are some corrective exercises:


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